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Plant Nutrition and Fertilisers

These fertilisers help improve soil structure and supply a small amount of nutrients (7)
We should store our fertilisers where they will not be exposed to any ________ (8)
High concentrations of dissolved ions in the soil solution causes this (8)
PH influences the _________ of nutrients (12)
An example of a species which may require more regular fertilising (4)
A fertiliser high in this will promote root development (10)
Can cause dispersion in soils (6)
Fertilisers which are often specific to a crop type, and include a wide range of nutrients (5)
Can become available to plants at a low pH (9)
Where excessive nutrient levels in waterways leads to the growth of algae and depletion of O2 (14)
Iron fertiliser may be applied to the soil, or as a ________ spray (6)
A system where fertilisers are supplied via the irrigation system (11)
Applying ammonium sulphate may cause soils to become more _____ (6)
Influences soil C.E.C (7)
Micronutrients in fertilisers may also be called _______ elements (5)
Fertilisers in this form include gypsum, lime and sulphur (6)
Micronutrients become less available in this pH range (8)
These soils have a high C.E.C (4)
A fertiliser with a N:P:K of 12:4:8 (7)
An N:P:K of 12:1.4:6 would be suitable for plants in this family (10)
Before fertilising, we should identify the soil properties, and plant __________ (7)
A sign of iron deficiency (9)
Application method where fertiliser is applied alongside seed (7)
Are held in the soil and resist leaching (7)
A fertiliser high in this element would promote flowering and fruiting (9)
A good time to apply fertilisers for fruit development (6)
Application of granular or prill fertilisers by spreading, either by hand or spreader (12)
A product which supplies essential plant nutrients (10)
Influences the release of nutrients from controlled release fertilisers (11)
A fertiliser high in this would promote leafy growth (8)
A fertiliser suitable for promoting flowers, will also be suitable for _____ (5)
Will determine how quickly or slowly your fertiliser will release nutrients (10)
A fertiliser which contains all essential (soil supplied) plant nutrients (8)
A compound fertiliser suitable for fixing nutrient deficiencies (6)
The form in which most trace elements are supplied in fertilisers (7)
A neat pelleted fertiliser form which is easy to spread (5)
Granular fertiliser should _________ be watered in after application ( 6)