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Grade 7 & 8 Vocabulary - Chapters 6-8

Teddy Roosevelt, Millie, and the Elegant Ride
WVI-Level 3 Words - Grades 7 & 8
the act or an occasion of leaving or going away.
a fabric having a long, soft pile.
to go around or avoid.
to expect and prepare for in advance.
to cause to be combined or blended.
(pl.) potential for good results.
ample; abundant.
to reduce the brightness or deepness of (a color).
intense interest or excitement concerning; zeal.
any side or a part found on the extreme left or right.
an amount that is more than ample; very plentiful quantity.
to walk at an easy, leisurely pace; stroll.
overt acts of war.
business owners or executives, collectively.
one's life or existence in the time to come, or those things which will ultimately occur.
the malicious wish to hurt, bother, or humiliate someone.
impressive in size; imposing.
the state or fact of being an owner.
not expected or foreseen; surprising.
the act or process of building or constructing.
to hold the complete attention of; fascinate.
having installed glass in (a window).
a small mechanical or electronic device, esp. an unusual or ingenious one.
to walk at an unhurried, leisurely pace; stroll.
eminent; prominent; important.
about to happen; imminent.