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Joseph Life Crossword

What did the brothers find in their sacks of grain?
Who did the king put in charge of preparing for the famine?
What did Joseph do when Potiphar's wife tried to get him to do wrong?
When Joseph's brother's took him from the pit, what did they do with him?
While he was in prison, whose dreams did God help Joseph to understand?
When Joseph told his brothers the dreams, they became what?
Who did Joseph tell his brothers to bring back to Egypt?
When Jacob saw Joseph's bloody, torn coat, what did he think an animal did to Joseph?
How many years of plenty would there be?
What did the sun, moon, and stars do in the second dream?
Jacob gave what special gift to Joseph?
What was Joseph that caused Potiphar to put him in charge of his household an affairs?
Who wanted to throw Joseph into the pit instead of killing him?
What was prepared for the brothers when they came back to Egypt?
What did Joseph do for his brothers?
While Joseph was away from his family his _____ in God helped him.
Who's sack had the silver cup?
In Joseph's dream, what did his brother's bundles of wheat do?
Did the Butler remember Joseph when he returned to the palace?
How many years of famine would there be?
What did the king want Joseph to explain the meaning of?