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my science cross word puzzel

Material that is hard opaque and has good electrical conductivity
Able to be hammered out with out breaking
Atoms of the same elements that have different amount of molecules
The degree in which a material conducts electricity
A mixture between 2 or more elements
Group 2A of the periodic table that form basic oxides
Group 4-12 periodic table that form coordination compounds
The degree in which a thing is reactive
Metal that can be pulled out into a thin wire
Physical substance that has inertia and occupies physical space
A set of elements occupying a column in a periodic table
Electron on the outer shell of an atom
Atoms that are bonded together
A table of chemical elements arranged in order of atomic number
Non metal that is a combination with metal that form an alloy
A element that is not metal
A set of elements occupying an entire horizontal row of a periodic table