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Luke Chapter 1 Part I v1-38

The angel told Zacharias that his prayers were heard and Elizabeth would...(v13) (3 words)
Family relationship between Mary and Elizabeth (v24)
John had spirit and power of this Old Testament prophet also known as Elijah. (v17)
During sixth month of Elizabeth's pregnancy, Gabriel was sent to this city (v26)
John's life purpose to children of Israel V16) (4 words)
Person to whom Luke's writing was addressed (v3)
Seeing Gabriel, Zacharias was troubled and this fell upon him (v13)
Gabriel said these words earlier to Zacharias and then to Mary too...(v30) (2 words)
Who told Zacharias the name God chose for his son (v13)
Gabriel stated to Mary that she was ...(v28) (2 words)
Mother of John the Baptist (v5)
Mary's emotional state towards Gabriel's words (v29)
Name of the angel sent to Zacharias (v19)
Honored duty given to Zacharias (v9) (2 words)
Zacharias' lack of faith caused him to be temporarily unable to do this (v20)
While Zacharias performed his temple duties, those outside were to do this (10)
Name of man Mary was to marry (v27)
John the Baptist's Father (v5)