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Process as the muscle or tissue of dead animals and plants break down into nitrogen and carbon compounds
N03 that plants can use to build sugar units C6H12O6 and DNA for reproduction
Carbon moves from burning substances + decaying matter to atmosphere and soil then to plants+ animals
Two atoms of nitrogen in our atmosphere that won't break apart unless they absolutely have to by lightening
H2O, the end product of condensation in the atmosphere which is part of the water cycle
Process as animals and plants exhale carbon dioxide from the lungs or leaves as a waste product of respiration
Product (NH3) produced by decaying animals as well as by animals that poop and pee (inappropriate)
Bacteria that eat ammonia and release NO3 and NO2 as waste for plants to use
Process of nitrogen moving from the air to bacteria to plants and finally to animals and back to the atmosphere
Process occurring in the air as cool air hits moisture ladDen hot air releasing water. This is part of the water cycle
The release of water into the atmosphere by plants which is part of the water cycle
Need nitrogen for DNA (REPRODUCTION) and proteins (body parts)
Natures way of breaking apart the N2 in the atmosphere to NO3 that plants can use to make sugar products
Water on land and in the oceans picked up by warm air rising into the atmosphere
Bacteria that can break down nitrites and nitrates into atmospheric nitrogen that completes the cycle
Source of nitrogen for animals
Man made nitrogen products plants use to grow, reproduce, and make sugar compounds like carbs + starch
Plants release CO2 and Water (transpiration). Plants take in oxygen that the cells need to survive
Organisms helping each other. Example: bacteria living off plant roots but also giving plants nitrate to grow
Process of making sugar from light energy, carbon dioxide, and water so animals can eat
The process where excess nitrates and nitrites in the soil are broken down to atmospheric nitrogen
Simple sugar produced through photosynthesis that plants make allowing a food source for animals to survive
Gas that is about 78 percent of our atmosphere, but does not enter the nitrogen cycle very easily