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Luke Chapter 11 Part II verses 29-54

Many people chose to reject Jesus as Messiah, but wanted an excuse to justify that rejection. Therefore, they asked Jesus to provide this as proof of His kingship (v29)
Jesus chastised __ for laying religious burdens and laws on Jews, but not abiding by them themselves (v46)
Jesus declared Pharisees led backward lives. They tithed herbs, etc., but neglected the __ __ __ (v42) (3 words)
Ruler who came to see Solomon's greatness, but also witnessed his great God. (v31) (4 words)
Jesus scolded the Pharisee for stressing outward appearance but inwardly having hearts of __ __ __ (v39) (3 words)
Walking over __, whether they were visible or hidden/blinded caused a Jew to be ceremonially unclean. The hypocritical lives of Pharisees and scribes blinded Jews from seeing and understanding true scripture (v44)
Rather than loving the people as did Jesus, Pharisees loved the status seats in the __ and greetings in the __ (v43) (2 words)
Because this generation of Jewish leaders continued the evil practices of their fathers, as well as plotting the execution of the Christ Messiah, Jesus declared the __ of all slain prophets was charged to their generation (v51)
His preaching brought revival to the 120,000 citizens of Nineveh (v32)
Scribes built __ outwardly honoring prophets their fathers had killed. Inwardly they agreed with those murders and were, in fact planning the murder of Jesus Christ. (v47)
By adding their own regulations and giving them equal value to scripture, scribes __ people from understanding scripture (v52)
After Jesus' accusations against the scribes and Pharisees they intensely questioned Him seeking to find anything that could be used to __ Him ()v54)
The light of the body is the __. If it is clear and faithful, the whole body will be clear and faithful. (v34)