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6th Grade Science: Section 1.3-1.4

The composite family is composed of this and ray flowers
A colorful leaf
Undeveloped seed
Most noticeable part of the flower
Sweet liquid stored in the bottom of the bloom
The transfer of pollen from stamen to pistil
A seed with only one cotyledon
A member of the lily family that does not grow from a bulb
The plant family that is the most important family of food-producing plants
A member of the pea family
A seed with two cotyledons
Formed from the ovary of a flower
The seeds of the grass family
Green petals located underneath the flower that encloses and protects the bud
A storehouse made with thick fleshy leaves that stores food for the lily family
Scientist who studies plants
The flat tip of the pistil
Holds the undeveloped seeds
Dust-like yellow grains