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John's Puzzler #15

Another name for "picture"
Cowboy crooner with five stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, most ever (2 words)
The original "Life Saver" flavor
Pop singer with "colorful" hit album (2 words)
Prime Minister renowned for abolishing slavery in Great Britain (2 words)
This Sesame Street character's little-known real name is "Sid" (2 words)
Cattle breed
America's First Self-Service Grocery Store (2 words)
20th Century American President, the first born in a hospital
G.I. slang for WWII German soldiers
This late country music legend was a cousin of President Jimmy Carter (2 words)
First President born a citizen of The United States (2 words
Ancient Asian Empire
Most valuable American company ever
Used in warfare for the first time in The American Revolution
Earth's thickest layer
Inanimate 1970s "pal" (2 words)
The _______, 24,901 miles long
The last US President to sport facial hair
David Letterman's most frequent guest on "The Late Show" (2 words)
A premium beef
FDR campaign slogan, "A _______ in every pot"
The most watched TV series in history, remarkably
Largest German state
The Beatles original bass player
Blood red
Team that has played in both the coldest and the hottest NFL games on record
Iconic line from 1960's hit TV show "Hawaii Five-O", "Book 'em, ____."
1894 strike that led to the creation of America's "Labor Day" holiday
Only over-40 NFL quarterback to catch a pass