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Bible Facts

Author: bee
This book is considered to be a Prophetic book
This is the 'Good News'
Luke wrote the Gospel of Luke but this was his Trade.
Total number of books in a Catholic bible
Canon of Old Testament accepted by Protestants
The Alexandrian Canon of 46 books was accepted as the Canon for ___hundred years
Number of Old Testament books a Protestant Bible
First 5 books of the Old Testament
Original Translation of the
Measuring Rod
This book is considered to be a Wisdom book
This means 'Universal"
This Apostle was a Jewish tax-collector
Translation of the Hebrew bible into Greek by 70 Jewish Scholars
Number of Books in New Testament
Maccabees is considered to be this kind of book
Number of Old Testament books in a Catholic bible
Old Testament Canon used by Catholics
St. Paul wrote this number of Letters to the New Christian Communities
God's love revealed to us in a book
Apostle crucified upside down by Nero