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Science; Hardness, Magnetism, E. Conductivity

Metals such as copper, silver, iron, and ___ are good electrical conductors.
Scientists use hardness as a way to identify ___.
A measure of how resistant a material is to scratching, bending or denting.
Because electricity can be ___, it is important to protect people from it.
Electrical ___ is a measure of how well electricity can move through a material.
Objects can be identified based on whether they are ___ to a magnet.
An electrical ___ is a material that slows or stops the flow of electricity.
This metal is commonly used to make electrical wires because it is such a good conductor.
Plastic, rubber, wood, and ___ are good electrical insulators.
The hardest mineral known is ___.
Some trains DO NOT have ___ that roll on tracks; they use magnets.
Hardness is measured on a scale that ranks material from very ___ to very hard.
A force produced by magnets that pulls some metals.
Electrical conductors ___ electricity to flow easily.
Chalk does ___ scratch the concrete.
Metals such as nickel, cobalt, and ___ are attracted to a magnet or are magnetic.