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Luke Chapter15 Part II

The father tried to reassure the elder son by stating, All mine is __ (V31)
After receiving the inheritance, how long was it before the prodigal left home (v13) (Clue: 3 consecutive words)
The prodigal admitted unworthiness to be called __, but desired position of __ __. (v19) (3 words)
The older brother was here when the prodigal returned home (v25)
The father divided this when asked by younger son (v12)
The prodigal considered filling his belly with what (v16)
After spending his money and enduring famine, the prodigal began to be in this condition (v14)
Recognizing his son's homecoming, the father had __ and __ to meet him (v20) (2 words)
How did the prodigal waste his substance (v13) (Clue: 2 consecutive words)
The brother justified his harshness toward the prodigal by declaring he never transgressed the father's __ (v29)
The prodigal planned to tell his father how he had sinned against __ and before __ (v18) (2 words)
The elder resented his father's honor to the prodigal by serving the __ __ (v30) (2 words)
Their father reasoned with the elder about the younger who was __ and is __ again (v32) (2 words)
The father rejoiced because his son was __ , but is __ (v24) (2 words)
Instead of rejoicing at the homecoming, the older brother displayed this (v28)
The prodigal did this when sent into the fields (v15) (2 words)