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Constitution and Federalism

This gives the Constitution "muscle" to act as the supreme law of the land
The types of powers that BOTH the federal and state governments share
THis state provided the deciding vote on ratifying the Constitution
Article 3 deals with this branch of government
Had any unwelcome soldiers stay at your house lately? Thank this amendment
The Marbury v Madison case in 1803 established this Supreme Court power
The first 10 Amendments
This amendment says no excessive bail
The amount of representatives a state has is based on this
The only branch of govt that can impeach a president
System of government that has both national and regional levels
One of the last 2 states to rarify the constitution
I want to know how to admit a state to the union. Where do I look?
The type of power that only states have is known as _____ power
If you are in high school and can vote in November, you owe it all to this amendment
When asked about the govt, replied "A republic...if you can keep it"
It has about 4,100 words, brief by the standards of most nations
Party's over with this amendment. It was later overturned
______ power refers to president's use of rallies, social media, lobbying
Customary time frame (in years) for passing an amendment
Article 1 sect 8 clause 18. It's a stretch, but maybe you'll know this one
A person advocating the rights of States OVER those of the Fed govt would cite this Amendment
To date, only this institution has successfully proposed an amendment to the Constitution
The only amendment that overturned another one
It's the intro, or "mission statement" of the Constitution
How many times the constitution has been amended since 1791