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Constitution crossword

“. “ Article 2 of the Constitution describes.
Political power is in the hands of the people.
The highest authority in the United States court system.
The necessary addition(s) to the Constitution that clear up the important rights for all U.S. Citizens.
Introduction to the Constitution starting with “We the people”.
The judicial branch is established as a independent entity with the highest authority in the federal court system.
The first law of the land for the US which separated it from England.
The head of the executive branch.
The first 7 parts of the Constitution that serve as its base.
The part of US Government that Article 1 of the constitution describes.
The two parts of the legislative branch.
The part of the legislative branch that represents each State based off population.
The people and government must follow a law of the land.
This is a system that allows each branch to monitor the other in order to prevent abuse of government power.
power and responsibilities in the government are split up among branches to make sure no one has too much power.
“. “ Article 3 of the Constitution describes.
The first ten amendments
Written in 1787,signed September 17th. Ratified 1788...
Three levels of government.
The part of the legislative branch that represents each State equally.