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Review of Disaster Psychological First Aid
How many steps are there in conducting a successful PFA?
Acronoym for Psychological First Aid as defined by the American Red Cross
When dealing with a victim this is the first thing you must try to make.
Loss that affects a small cluster of people.
First of the basics steps in conducting PFA
A sign of stress in an adult.
Before you enter the disaster scene, you would first look that your surroundings were ___ before you enter.
Type of Loss that effects the individual or family.
What does PFA stand for?
What do children need to feel safe>
First thing you say to a victim. Can I ____ you?
Examples include: your neighborhood, your familly members,and not knowing what is next
The third step in the basic steps in conducting PFA
Ab behavior sign that indicaters stress in adults in the Behavior category.
You must always remember to speak in a calm ___.
"I am so sorry this has happened to you." Is an example of showing _____ to a victime.
Loss that includes terrorism and nuclear.
Stop these from getting started about the disaster.
An item you can give a victim to meet his/her basic needs.
To really understand the victim it is a good idea to ________ back what you heard the victim say.
A physical behaviort hat demonstatesa an adult having physical effects from
Second step in the basics steps in conducting PFA
Widespread loss which could include transportation, shootings, vadalism.
Always give information that is ________
Who is the first person you need to take care of during a disaster?
PFA enables you to provide ___, care and support to people affected by the disaster.