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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Sacred Scripture, Beliefs, and Practices of Judaism

**If the answer is TWO words use an underscore
 ( _ ) for the space between the words  
Another collection of teachings for how to live; contains the teachings of Rabbis collected over many years
Two black leather boxes with straps for the head and arm that contain Hebrew parchment scrolls; worn during worship
Where do sacred practices done as a community happen? (sacred space)
The belief in only one God
A special pointer used to follow the words in the Torah as the parchment is never touched by hands
The most significant example of Jewish persecution (from WWII)
The Books of Teaching
Jewish group that is more liberal/less strict - service in everyday language; men and women together; women can become rabbis
Jews believe they have a special relationship with God, and are often called what?
A special agreement/solemn promise
A single scroll of the Torah is called what?
A Jewish creed, or declaration of faith/beliefs; considered the most important Jewish prayer (include the apostrophe)
Jewish group that wear traditional Polish clothing; women dress modestly with long skirts/sleeves; men have beards and long sideburns
The Books of the Prophets
A greeting in Hebrew, the holy language of Jews
A word used by some Jews when they pray, and means “Lord”
The Book of Writing
A tiny scroll hung on the right-hand side of a doorframe
A special shawl Jewish men wear over their clothes during worship
The term used to describe how many Jews scattered to live in other countries because of persecution
Jewish day of rest and worship
Jewish group that is more likely to follow all the laws of the Torah very strictly (very traditional)
What Jews used to be called (used a lot in the Old Testament)
The man who received the 10 Commandments from God, and is also a major influence in Judaism
What is the spot in the synagogue where the Torah scrolls are kept called?
Skullcap worn by men during worship; some Jewish men wear this all the time
The complete Scriptures of Judaism are called what?
The word for instructions about how God wants Jews to live (there are 613 of them)
The man who made the covenant with God, and is a major influence in Judaism
What do many Jews refer to the synagogue as?