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7th Grade US History - Chapter 7 - Confederation & Constitution

Taxes on imported goods
______ Plan was the Small State Plan; called for one legislative house in which all the states would have an equal number of representatives
Introduction to the Constitution
____ system divides the government's powers between the national government and the states
____ system was a system of two legislative houses
_____-Federalists were those who opposed the ratification of the Constitution.
Lands in the Northwest territory were divided into areas of 6 miles square
Northwest ____ of 1787 provided government for the large tracts of the Northwest Territory.
Virginia ____ was the large state plan; the new government would have a bicameral system & membership in both houses would be based on each states population
____-Fifths Compromise was the agreement by which the number of each states representatives in Congress would be based on a count of all the free people plus three-fifths of the slaves.
Loose association, or league, of states
A constitutional right to reject a decision or proposal made by a law-making body.
Count of the population
_____ Convention AKA Constitutional Convention; purpose was to revise the Articles of Confederation so that the national government would be strong enough to govern the country.
_____ of Confederation was the plan of government drafted by John Dickinson of DE in 1777 just after the victory at Saratoga.
____ of Representatives is the lower house of Congress, consisting of a different number of representatives from each state, depending on population.
Northwest ____ was the western lands bounded on the east by the original 13 colonies, on the west by the Mississippi River, on the north by the Great Lakes, and on the south by the Ohio River.
Checks and ______ keeps each of the three branches of government from having too much power.
Shays's ____ was a rebellion led by Daniel Shays, a veteran of the Continental army. He led a mob of 1200 men toward Springfield, MA, where the national government stored weapons. They were met by state militia and dispersed. 4 of the mob were killed.
The upper house of Congress, consisting of two representatives from each state.
____ Ordinance of 1785 provided for the surveying and sale of the Northwest Territory.
_____ College is the system established by the Constitution to elect the president.
____ of powers ensures that no branch has too much power.
The Federalist _____ was a collection essays written by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, & James Madison that stated the most common objections to the Constitution & then systematically refuted them
The _____ Convention is a convention held in September 1786 to consider problems of trade and navigation, attended by five states and important because it issued the call to Congress and the states for what became the Constitutional Convention
The right to vote
Right of ____ was the freedom to stockpile goods until ships came to transport them overseas.
John ___ was an experienced treaty maker.
A written plan of government
The Great ____ AKA Connecticut Compromise; provide for a bicameral system. In the upper house, called the Senate, all states would be equally represented with 2 senators per state. In the lower house, called the House of Representatives, population would determine presentation.
Those who favored the adoption of the Constitution.
Elected representatives govern the people
James ____ was the Annapolis Convention delegate from Virginia.
Formally approve
Alexander ____ was the Annapolis Convention delegate from New York
____ of Rights is the first ten amendments of the Constitution.