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cell organelles and functions crossword pt. 1

Name: Kenneth Howard
Abbreviated version of an organelle that synthesizes protiens
Works with micro filaments to make the cytoskeleton
Supports the cell and can be found in both plants and animals
the love of or liking water
Happens in animal cells and in the mitochandria
Performs functions
This organelle doesn't have a nucleus
Assists with cell movement
Holds the cell organelles and helps maintain the cells shape
Powerhouse of the cell;ATP
Helps with movement for the cell
Used for getting rid of cell waste and digestion
Can be a good catalyst
Bigger in plant cell's
Made up of amino acids
Name-tag of the cell
Helps maintain the cell shape similar to a skeleton
The opposite of prokaryotic
Captures sunlight
Where the protein or lipids enter for the Golgi apparatus enter
Hating water
Synthesizes protiens
the brain or control center for the brain
A organelle that packages,synthesizes and transports
Used mainly in cell division and helps with the formation of spindle fibers
Only found in plant cells and provides extra protection and support
Assembles protein with high density near the nucleus