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Diary of a Wimpy Kid - 1

Mrs. Okulanis: Tommy
Greg's best friend
Comic strip that Greg doesn't like
The character Greg plays in the Wizard of Oz
Greg was partnered up with Fregley in what sporting event
The strangest kid in the school
The author's full name
What happened when Greg was scaring the Kindergarteners
Greg's favorite activity to play
Club that made Greg and Rowley walk Kindergarteners home safely
Greg says that this book is not a diary, it's this
Name of Greg's brother
The holiday that Greg and Rowley are chased by teenagers
The character that Patty plays in the Wizard of Oz
What happened to Rowley during the invented game using a bike and a football
Word that Rowley made up in the comic strip he wrote
The play that Greg tries out for
Girl that does not like Greg
The curse that everyone in middle school is afraid of
Room that Greg spent the night during a sleepover at Fregley's
Greg's little brother