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A Shining Star of Science

astronomer     astronomy     department     gases     Harvard     iron     meteorite     observation     observatory     research     retired    sibling spectometer     telescope
A place where astronomers work
What Cecilia used to discover what stars are made of
A group of college teachers that studies one subject
The college where Cecilia first studied and later became the first woman to head a department
What scientists used to think the sun was made of
A person who studies outer space and the stars
A piece of stone-like matter that falls to Earth from space, causing a bright light in the night sky
In science, the act of seeing or measuring something and writing it down
What Cecilia discovered the sun and all stars were made of
Collecting or discovering information about a certain subject
A brother or sister
No longer working in the job one has done
A tool used for viewing faraway objects, like planets or stars
The study of outer space and stars