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John - Vocab 1

The star-filled sky seemed to ____ her.
To shrink back in fear, dislike, or disgust
Charming, having the power to attract
Covid is absolutely _____.
Hateful, scorn
To need or desire strongly
I am in ____ of your talent!
I _____ coffee every morning!
Pleasant and friendly
That restaurant is so ______, let's go check it out!
I absolutely ____ when people litter!
I could not help but ____ about how amazing my student did on the activity!
To praise enthusiastically
To capture strong interest and attention
Inspiring or deserving hatred
To hate intensely
I couldn't help but _____ in fear when the monster jumped out in the movie!
The _____ child made new friends easily.
She looked at me with ____ in her eyes, it was scary!
Wonder, fear, or respect for something impressive