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PUBLIC ART - In the Hood and Beyond

Boxtopia is made of ___
You can read them on the Skeleton Park rinks
Dead On Collectives' Drink ___ Draw
Type of pasta used by kindergarten necklace artists
City Hall is ___ up to celebrate and commemorate
Often worn by superheroes or park Halloweeners
To enjoy public art, it is best to ___
Number of war memorial statues in City Park
The Gaskin ____ - an iron animal roaring in McDonald Park
Porch Jazz leaders Spencer Evans and the ____steppers
Arial, Helvetica, Times, Garamond etc.
The Park where it all happens
Molly Brant is COVID safe wearing her ___ in Douglas Fluhrer Park
Controversial Prime Minister ___ John A
"Instrument" played on knee in many a park concert
Art form ON THE WALL in Douglas Fluhrer Park
Storefront _____ Festival
Title of giant spider outside National Art Gallery in Ottawa
____ is Bruce Kaufman?
Title of 70's aluminum sculpture at Portsmouth Olympic Harbour
Response to "Let's have more public art"?
Lofty ____ walkers often seen in neighbourhood parades
Material of "Laundry" sculpture between Toucan and Black Dog Tavern
Colour of Shane Dark's Pump House sticks in tree
Manidoo Ogitigan "Spirit _____ " coming soon in Lake Ontario Park
FROID'ART 300 pound blocks of ___
Park weapon once bombed in wool
Carol ___ Budd of the Kingston Indigenious Language Nest
What held up the screen in Friendship Park?
Skeleton Park ____ Festival
Kind of tape used by artist Reinhart on public buildings
Giant ____ celebrate the shortest day of the year in Douglas Fluhrer Park
Shoreline _____ - an art walk promoting water access for all
Title of 70's sculpture spilling toxic waste on the waterfront
Sing-along with Georgette ___
70's aluminum sculpture on the water rumoured to come together one day
Stop and ____
SPAF ___ Home
Italian naked man statue
_____Players - in the park with no shoes
Shout Sisters sometimes ___ in the park
Calliope Collective celebrates the winter _____
Paint medium of Plein-air artists.
____ Queen Story Time
Kingston Freestyle ____
Home to birds found on Raglan Street in NEXT DOOR
Belle Park ____ Pole
____ and Push Festival
The ____ Cafe Coffeehouse