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Chapter 4 Vocabulary

Substitution of an inoffensive term for one that is offensive.
Strongly opinionated in an unwarranted manner.
Apart, indifferent
To weaken, to enfeeble.
Unreasonable touchiness or irritability.
The act of spreading widely; scattering.
Greedy for food and drink.
Double-dealing, hypocrisy.
Exaggerated show of dignity or self-importance, bombastic.
Relating or pertaining to a sense of beauty or art.
To intimidate, to dismay.
Lack of agreement, tension, strife.
Extremely poisonous; hateful.
To ease, to mitigate, to make less painful or burdensome, to calm.
Quickly changeable, easily vaporized.
Lazy, indolent.
Quarrelsome, stirring controversy.
To contradict, to give a false impression.
Exceptionally early in development or occurrence.
Self-centered, selfish.
Antiquated, old, out of use.
Wordy, very talkative.
Ordinary, commonplace.
Insignificant matters.