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Materials & Rocks

These rocks are made of grains of minerals or other rocks that have moved and been deposited in layers by water, ice, gravity, or wind
Large cracks in Earth's crust
How light reflects from a mineral's surface, metallic or nonmetallic
An ongoing process that describes how rocks change through natural processes from one type to another
When agents of erosion lay down sediment and can change the shape of the land
The process of pressing the sediments together
Compares the weight of a mineral with the weight of an equal amount of water
Process that occurs when natural forces move weathered rock and soil from one place to another
New rocks formed when existing rocks are heated and squeezed but not melted
The color produced when mineral is scratched on an unglazed, white tile
A rare mineral that can be cut and polished
Rock that is produced when melted rock cools and hardens
Splitting of a mineral into pieces with smooth, regular surfaces that reflect light
Test of which minerals scratch or are scratched by others; scale of 1-10
Any process that breaks down rocks and creates sediments
The material moved by erosion
Occurs when the minerals crystallize and "glue" the sediment together
Rock made from pieces of other rocks, dissolved minerals or plant and animal matter that collect to form rock layers.
This type of rock is when living matter dies, piles up, and then is compressed into rock over millions of years
Sedimentary rocks that form from mineral-rich water evaporating or other chemical processes
Inorganic solid material found in nature; two or more of these make up rocks
A solid material with a repeating pattern of atoms