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Chapter 16 Tort Law vocab/concept review

Litigation rates are not significantly ___ in the US than they are in other industrialized countries.
Those who argue that the tort system is too ___-oriented point to the expansion of strict liability and the adoption of comparative negligence.
Tort __ claim that Americans are too litigious.
Tort reform ___ does not necessarily prevent runaway verdicts.
The goal of reformers in the Progressive Era was to create rules in the tort system that favor ___.
Under the collateral ___ rule, the tortfeasor is prevented from benefiting from insurance protection the plaintiff has obtained.
Personal injury claims have experienced little or no ___ since 1986.
Dr. John ___ attributes the decline in jury verdicts to jurors' awareness of the effects that large awards in automobile cases can have on their insurance premiums.
Proponents of tort reform argue that increased tort liability has increased the practice of ___ medicine.
Tort law exposes incompetence, corruption, and other forms of ___.
The goal of classical reformers was to create rules in the tort system that favored ___.
Dr. John Hasnas believes that we are better off with the dynamic but imperfect system of the ___ law.