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Exodus: Moses Birth & Call

Moses father-in-law
Moses brother
The name for the first five books of the Bible.
Moses leaves Egypt because he _____ an Egyptian slave master to keep him from beating a Hebrew slave.
Exodus 2 begins with the telling of the story of Moses's ____.
The person who adopted and raised Moses (Hint:two words- not a name)
The name that God gave Moses in answer to the question who Moses should say sent him to pharaoh. (two words- considered sacred)
Moses mom (hint- starts with a "J"0
This feeling was increasing in Egypt because of the growing numbers of Hebrews. (textbook, pg. 56)
The person God sent Moses to and demand that he set the hebrews free.
Egyptian term for "foreigner" (textbook pg. 56)
Moses received God's "call" through a Theophany known as the ____ (two words)
The Hebrew name for the first five book of the Hebrew Bible (textbook, pg. 56)
The person speaking this verse -Gn 50:24-25;The person whose bones the Sons of Israels will carry with them.
The Hebrews were enslaved and being _____ by the rulers and needed liberation.
Exodus 2:1-22 is about the ____ of Moses.
Moses wife
The account of the miraculous release of the Israelites from Egypt. ( Hint: the name of the book of the Bible you are reading about Moses)
A term that means "manifestation of God". (ex: the Pillar of Cloud was this )
Moses sister
The people that were enslaved.