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Second Grade Street Names

A building visited mostly on Sundays.
This is a man's first name. His last name is the street that is parallel to this one.
A street near a lake. The headquarters of Quetico Park was located on this lake before there was a highway to Atikokan.
There are three common types of this tree in the Atikokan area. The beautiful silhouette of this tree was made famous by the Group of Seven artists.
This street name has two possible origins. One, the name of a construction company that built Quetico Inn and the St. Peter and St. Paul Hall. The second, was an employee at Steep Rock Iron Mine who operated a front end loader and worked at the mine for 19 years.
This tree is tall and stately and is rarely seen anymore.
This street was named for a man who was the purchasing agent at Steep Rock Iron Mines. What do you see in the night sky?
This road is in a community that was once called Iron Spur.
There are 10 species of this tree in Canada. The leaf of this tree is famous world-wide.
This tree is common in Northwestern Ontario. It loves the rich moist soils found in wetlands. There is a gigantic example of this tree growing in the park area that is surrounded by Rawn Road, Maple Crescent and Poplar Avenue.
This man built a hotel in Atikokan in 1900. His business was ready for the men working on the railroad.
A curving street named after the smallest plant in our solar system and is closest to the sun. This street has a bridge.
The needles of this tree are flat. The sap is aromatic. Extracts from this tree are used to make eye glass cement.