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Communications Chapter 12

Student: Hannah Aley
The harassment that takes place when employment opportunities may be made dependent on the granting of sexual behaviors
The type of communication that is sent from the lower levels of a hierarchy to an upper level
Harassment tat includes all sexual behaviors
All messages must go through the central leader
Messages that are sanctioned by the organization itself and are organizationally focused
Configurations of channels through which messages pass from one person to another
Each member may communicate with any other member
Communication that concern just about any topic
An experienced individual helps to train a less experienced person
Communication that refers to messages between equals
A cultural group's rituals, norms, and rules for communicating
Abusive behavior repeatedly committed by one person
Communication that consists of messages sent from higher levels to lower levels
Members may communicate with members on either side, no leader
When a worker is given little or no information
A condition in which a worker deals with an excessive amount of information
Enlisting the insight from other people to help you solve a problem
the communication process of sending and receiving verbal and nonverbal messages
An organized group of people who work together to achieve compatible goals
Messages may be sent to the person next to you