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XVII Sermons, Geography, Bible Study

Salt Sea
The first judge of Israel
Where Jesus lived in his youth.
Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles
Place where they were first called Christians
Number used to defeat the Midianites
At 23 years old he has ruled the world.
His death killed more Philistnes in one day than all his life.
Where Jesus was born.
Boaz was Naomi's relative
Lost his dagger in the belly of his enemy.
Sidon, Zarephath, and Tyre are in the what geographical area
Ruth was the wife of....
Sychar is located
Body of water Southeast of Capernaum
The Restorer
Left hand fighters of Israel
Altar built by Jerubbaal.
Jotham's Old Testament parable in book of Judges.
Friend or foe.
Promise, Law, and Grace periods.
Sleeping on the rooftops to commemorate this feast
Headquarters for Jesus ministry
Nailed the enemy's head to the floor
Men of the city acting much like Sodom and Gommorah
Symbol of sacrifice