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Psychological Disorder terms

Fear of crowded places
Where a person can be molded into and hold poses like a statue
Fear of enclosed spaces
Fear of heights
Conscious state of mind or emotion
Eating disorder caused by fear of gaining weight and unhealthy body image
Feeling of fear or apprehension
Abnormalities of the mind that cause persistent difficulties in a person's daily life
A condition that can occur after a traumatic event
Unwanted thoughts and fears that cause repetitive behaviors
Persistent disruption of sleep patterns
Irresistible urge to behave a certain way
State of elevated energy, mood and behavior
Fear of animals
Mental disorder characterized by delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech and behavior
Culture-bound syndrome of hypersensitivity to sudden fright
Eating disorder where person binges on food then purges
Inability to stop thinking about a particular topic
Type of schizophrenia characterized by hallucinations and delusions
A marked decrease in a person's response to stimuli
Disorder characterized by periods of mania and depression
Disconnection in how one's mind handles information
Culture-bound syndrome where inappropriate behavior is believed to be caused by possession by a spirit
Mental disorder characterized by worry about having a serious illness
Culture-bound syndrome of symptoms due to preoccupation with death and the dead
Fear of spiders
Culture-bound syndrome where unhappiness and illness follow a frightening event
Founder of psychoanalysis
Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders
Loss of memories
Extreme or irrational fear of something