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John - Vocab (Honesty, Fairness, Openness)

Real; not copied or fake
I tried to ____ my way through my presentation but mt teacher new I was faking.
Fair; not favoring one side over another
Strong moral character; doing the right thing even though no one is looking
The student tried to _______ an illness so they could go to the nurse, but got i trouble.
To copy down the words or ideas of another person and claim them as their own.
A courtroom judge must be _____ when deciding on a case.
Dependable; able to be trusted
Completely honest
Easy to see; clear; apparent
To prevent something from being published or known OR To end with force or effort
The answer was ______, it was in the first line of the story!
To fool or deceive, mislead
To invent in order to deceive; to lie
You should never ________ someone else's work when you're writing an essay. You will get in big trouble!
"Let's be _____," my mom said, "tell me who broke the window."
The character showed _____ by helping out a stranger, even though no one told him to!
During the sad movie I tried to ____ my tears, but couldn't!
It's important to have ______ friends; they should always be there for you when you need them.
Ms. P is such a ____ person, she's always so nice and is never fake!