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Life Science pp. 108 - 125

A community is made up of __ species in a particular area.
Healthy communities have many species that are connected by a variety of food __.
Besides the prairie dogs, black-footed ferrets, hawks, foxes, coyotes and more make up a __ where they interact together.
Invasive animals upset the __ of an ecosystem.
Invasive plants and animals harm and may even __ native plants and animals.
Kudzo has the nickname of "the vine that ate the __".
In the article "To the Treetops", Rebecca needed more than determination to do her job. She needed __ in her arms to hoist herself up to the treetops.
The top layer of a forest is called a __.
Prairie dogs are individuals that live together in a prairie dog __.
Prairie dogs live in areas dug underground called __.
Many communities of animals along with the physical parts of the environment such as hills and streams, make up an __.
An __ species harms the environment because it crowds out native plants.
A population is made up of __ species.