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By JaQuay Edward Carter
_____: The Saga of An American Family by Alex Haley (5 letters)
John C. Peck's ______ House in Downtown Pittsburgh was reportedly an Underground railroad "station" (6 letters)
United Negro College Fund (4 letters)
Another name for racial segregation, ___ Crow (3 letters)
"First Lady of Civil Rights," ____ Parks (4 letters)
Atlantic slave trade was also known as the ______ Passage (6 letters)
Historian and scholar, Carter G. _______, created "Negro History Week" in 1924. it was a precursor to Black History Month, which started in 1970. (7 letters)
Hazelwood native; won bronze medal at 1948 Olympics, _______ Douglas (7 letters)
In 1924, this "Black Bottom" singer and "Mother of the Blues," performed at Hill District's Lincoln Theater (8 letters)
Early 1980s music genre and cultural expression; started in NYC (6 letters)
The ____________ Proclamation was signed on January 1, 1863 during U.S. Civil War (12 letters)
Organizer of Tuskegee Institute, ______ T. Washington (6 letters)
1st African American woman to head federal agency under FDR, Mary McLeod _______ (7 letters)
The ______ Renaissance movement is recognized for its artistic and literary achievements (6 letters)
Colorful fabric worn by African royalty (5 letters)
1st woman and person of color to be elected U.S. Vice President, ______ Harris (6 letters)
Famed African American theater in Harlem opened on January 16, 1934 (6 letters)
Civil rights icon, and wife of MLK, Coretta Scott ____ (4 letters)
The "Little Rock ____," a group of students who integrated Little Rock Central High School in 1957 (4 letters)
William Edward Burghardt aka W.E.B. ______ (6 letters)
______ vs. Ferguson (6 letters)
She was known as the "Moses of Her People," Harriet ______ (6 letters)
Congress of Racial Equality (4 letters)
Southern Christian Leadership Conference (4 letters)
1st African American and woman candidate for U.S. President, _______ Chisholm (7 letters)
___ Turner's Slave Rebellion took place on August 21, 1831 (3 letters)
Civil rights activists who rode buses and trains into the segregated South, _______ Riders (7 letters)
Martin Delany's abolitionist Pittsburgh newspaper, The _______ (7 letters)
Former Glen Hazel resident, Mary ___ Dudley, was the 1st African American disc-jockey at Pittsburgh's WHOD (3 letters)
_________ Truth gave famous "Ain't I A Woman?" speech in 1851 (9 letters)
MLK called him the "Boy from Troy," late Congressman, ____ Lewis (4 letters)
Nicknamed "The Greatest," this boxing champ visited Glen Hazel in 1964. (3 letters)
1st African American U.S. flying squadron of WWII, Tuskegee ______ (6 letters)
1st African American to serve on U.S. Supreme Court, ________ Marshall (8 letters)
1st African American U.S. President, ______ Obama (6 letters)
___ premiered in 1980 as the 1st African American-owned TV network (3 letters)
Former Hill District resident; singer and actress in "Stormy Weather," ____ Horne (4 letters)
Author of "The Color Purple," _____ Walker (5 letters)
"Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" playwright; once attended Gladstone and called Hazelwood home, ______ Wilson (6 letters)
Malcolm X was born with this last name (6 letters)
Motor City's rhythm and blues record label of the 1960s (6 letters)
"I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" poet, ____ Angelou (4 letters)
In 1955, 14 year-old Chicagoan, Emmett ____, was killed in Mississippi (4 letters)