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Law of Contracts - Unit 2

Another term for personal property is __.
An ownership interest that is based on annual occupancy intervals is a __ share.
Real estate generally includes __ rights.
One of the rights in the bundle of legal rights is the right of __
__ is considered unique.
An item of real property can become personal property by __.
An orchard is __ property.
The ownership rights of real property are described as the __ of legal rights.
The term __ refers to the fact that no two parcels of land are alike.
A __ is considered an artificial person.
__ is a physical characteristic of land.
With __ property in Texas, each spouse has an equal interest in the property.
An example of an appurtenance is a/an __.
__ fixtures are usually installed by the tenant of the property.
Real estate is defined as land at, above and below the __'s surface.
__ is considered an improvement.
Personal property is conveyed by a __ of sale.
Bill owned an apartment that includes a parking space for his car. This space is called __.
A legal test of a fixture is the method of __.
A seller has sold his property and is now transferring title to the new owner. The instrument he will use is a __.
__ tenancy is a form of co-ownership.
Condominium ownership includes a shared interest in the __ areas.
Real property possesses seven basic characteristics that fall into two categories - physical and __.
Air __ may be leased.
An item that has been added as a permanent part of a building is called a __.
A __ is a legal arrangement under which the title to real property is held to protect the interests of a beneficiary.
In condominium ownership, the owner of each unit holds __ simple title.