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Law of Contracts - Unit 5

By executing a listing or buyer agency agreement with a client, a real estate broker becomes a/an __ of the client.
Substitution of a new contract for an existing contract is called __.
A clause in the lease that allows a tenant the right to purchase the leased property before the owner accepts an offer from another party is the right of first __.
In a land sales contract the buyer gets __ title.
A tenancy in which the tenant continues to be in possession after the lease has expired, without the landlord's permission is an estate at __.
The parties of a listing agreement are the __ and the owner.
A contract may be discharged or terminated when a/an __ of performance occurs.
A situation in which a seller is retaining title to the property until full payment is made by the buyer is a __ contract.
Some leases allow for increases in the rental charges during the lease periods. This type of lease is called a __.
When all of the parties to a contract agree to terminate, it is said to be terminated by __ agreement.
Listing agreements addresses __ to be paid.
A tenant's right to possess real estate for a definite period with a specific starting and ending date is an estate for __.
An owner gives a prospective buyer the right to buy the owner's property at a fixed price within a certain period is a/an __ contract.
A listing under which a broker's commission is the difference between the sales proceeds and an amount desired by the seller is a/an __ listing.
A seller who fails to deliver title to the buyer at closing is in __ of the sales contract.
Most states require that listing agreements contain a definite contract __ date.
When a landlord leases unimproved land to a tenant who agrees to erect a building on the land, the lease is usually called a/an __ lease.
A/an __ transfers the rights or duties under a contract.
An option to purchase binds the __ only.