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Law of Contracts - Unit 10

__ money should be deposited with the escrow officer.
A __ disclosure is the accounting of the parties' debits and credits.
Computerized Loan Origination.
A __ is an amount being reimbursed.
Sales __ approach is typically used to appraise residential property.
__ would most likely be prorated at closing.
The loan __ provides potential borrowers with information about closing costs.
RESPA regulations apply to __ related loans.
A lender has __ days to provide the Loan Estimate after the borrower signs the loan application.
A __ is an amount that a party owes and must pay at closing.
Section 8 of RESPA prohibits __.
A seller must live in the home as their main home for at least __ years in order to be excluded from capital gains.
The __ approach method is typically used to appraise unique property, such as a church.
The buyer must bring __ funds to closing to pay for closing costs.
Face-to-face closing are usually held at the __ company.