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7th Grade Science: Section 5.1

Sudden, permanent, random changes in an organism's DNA
Published Natural Theology and argued that design in nature is evidence of God's existence
The most efficient method of information storage known to man
Information must have meaning and cannot occur by chance
Based on faith in God as the creator of the Universe
The similarity of structure
Claims that originally created kinds have branched out with variation to form species
Change within a particular kind of organism caused by variations in the gene pool
The belief that only the natural world exists
Claims that all life came from a single ancestor through macroevolution
States that a type of organism that is better able to survive in its environment than another type of organism will survive and become more predominant
Claims that modern species came directly from the same created ancestor species with no variation
The development of all life from a common ancestor
A Roman statesman who recognized that the universe must have a Designer and materialistic evolution could not have occurred
An originally created type of organism