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Weather Crossword Puzzle

The movement of air from land to water.
The gas state of water.
The slow changing of a liquid into a gas.
This type of cloud forms at high altitudes and are wispy and featherlike.
This type of cloud is puffy and it appears to rise up from a flat bottom.
This type of cloud forms near the ground.
This if formed when the temperature is so cold that water vapor turns directly into solid.
When water that falls from the air to the ground as rain, sleet, hail, or snow.
The process of water vapor changing to liquid water.
This type of cloud forms in blanket-like layers at low altitudes.
This forms when drops of water in a cloud collide with bits of ice.
What we call a scientist who studies the Earth's atmosphere and weather.
The continuous movement of water between Earth's surface and the air as it changes from liquid to gas to solid to liquid.
The movement of air from the water to the land.
When raindrops fall through a layer of very cold air, they freeze, changing into tiny bits of ice.