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Masi Education Seminar - Part One - Crossword Puzzle!

Region with Venice as capital
Fried risotto ball you might enjoy at a Venetian bar
Acts like sugar in the mouth
Son of Dante
The year Campofiorin was introduced
"A very flexible, very friendly style"
Historic Serego Alighieri vineyard and perhaps the source of the name Amarone?
Vino da ____ (Post-dinner wine the Dalai Lama might enjoy?)
The first word in Italian?
Valley of many cellars
"Really unique individuals"
Fruit characteristic that often shows up in Amarone
Sandro's philosophical son
Up to this percentage of weight is lost by grapes after a full appassimento
This moderates the climate of Valpolicella
ABV usually ends up here after full appassimento
Triangle grape
Vine training technique you can drive a car under
Meat that's not taboo in Verona
Traditional wood found in Serego Alighieri cellar
Decade in which the production method of Campofiorin was changed
_______ Alighieri
Piano grape
Raffaele's dad
Very tannic red grape rediscovered by Sandro
Drum grape
Type of cheese favoured by Sandro to accompany his Amarone
Corvina attacker in appassimento
Dried fruit characteristic that often shows up in Amarone
Type of honey favoured by Sandro to accompany his Amarone
Best selling white variety in UK
Typical ABV of Valpolicella with no appassimento
Sweeter precursor to Amarone
White wine that was a victim of its own success?
According to some, this wine style was discovered by accident
Leader in scientific approach to winemaking
About this percentage of production is held back by Masi in the best years for future release