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Music, Geography, Baking, and a Little Chess

Composer of "Autumn is Here"
Chocolate ______ (Series 6 semifinal technical challenge)
Made of pine nuts, basil, olive oil, and Parmesan
Gradually play louder
When you move both your rook and your king
Cake prepared in square or rectangular pan, then cut into pieces
This pastry is a soundalike for footwear
Decrease in loudness
Middle name of composer who shares Jessica's birthday
This state contains the geographic center of the US
Last name of the blue-eyed judge
Notes in ascending or descending chords
Result of whipping egg whites and sugar into stiff peaks
To be played cheerfully
Closing section of a musical piece
An earthquake devastated this country in 2010
Language spoken by the most people in Africa
World's largest country in terms of size
Slide between a group of notes
Chick-pea burgers
The kind of bottom Mary Berry doesn't want to see!
Play at a rapid tempo
This European country has four national languages
One of Beethoven's most famous sonatas
This keeps time for musicians
A "trifle," part of the official name of Fur Elise
State with the only active diamond mind in the US
Queen for whom a type of sponge cake is named
She hosted her own cooking show after winning GBBO
This state contains the world's largest natural stone bridge, The Rainbow Bridge
This is the largest capital city in the world
Sweet or ______
Name of movie Augie is learning the music to
Woman for whom Beethoven likely wrote his famous "trifle"