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Earth Science

Brianna Haun: Brianna Haun
Rigid outermost shell of a planet
Opponents of the Continental Drift
Where plates move apart
The earth inner most part
A massive, irregularly shaped slab of solid rock generally composed of both continental and oceanic lithosphere
Large land masses plowing through the ocean, sometimes each other
The highest point on earth
The layer of Earth between the crust and the outer core
Strong earthquakes occur along a fault
The highest mountain system on earth
What is Earth's core mostly made of?
Top layer of the earth
Scientist who was associated with Continental Drift in the the Early 20th Century
The idea that the present continents once formed a singel land mass
Proponents of the Continental Drift
Where plates move into one another
The ___in California is an example of a transform boundry
How movement of tectonic plates is measured
A liquid layer composed of iron and nickel that lays between the inner core and mantle
Where plates move sideways in relation to each other