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D&C 10: 1-33 - The Lord's Wisdom is Greater

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Wicked men intended to destroy Joseph Smith through ___(10:10-13).
Satan incites ___ against God's words (10:24).
Wicked men wanted Joseph Smith to ___ again (10:15)
Insincere or false praise, given especially to further one's own interests.
Satan's ___ do uphold his work (10:5).
Satan uses lies to ___ people's hearts (10:32).
Wicked men altered the translation of the ___116 pages.
To cause to change, typically in a small but significant way (10:10).
Satan stirs up the wicked to do ___ against that which is good (10:20).
To achieve one's ends by deception; sly, devious
To advocate, back, champion, and support.
Evil people love ___ rather than light (10:21).
To knock down, tear down, wreck or ruin.
Pray___, that you may come off conqueror (10:5).
Satan's servants will __ to destroy you (10:7).