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Science Crossword Puzzle

Teacher: Mr. Spurrier
Fat molecule but contains the same things
Sugar, starches, and fibers; carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen
A green pigment found in plants.
Made of nucleotides
Diffusion of water through sempermeade membrane
Covalently bonded compound that contains carbon
System that is found in cells cutoplasm
A rigid structure that surrounds the cell membrance
Substance that cannot be separate
Molecule that regulate process in the body
Cuntures energy from sunlight
Cell composed RNA and protein
Smallest unit of a element
Organelle that helps makes and package materials
Group similar cellist that form a common function
Is the site of cellar respiration
Organelle found in plant
Theory all things are made of cells
The material structure of a living life form. The life process by itself
Fluid filled vesicle found in eytoplasm