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ACT Science Vocabulary #6

To scatter or spread out.
A scale that measures how acidic or basic a substance is on a scale of 0-14. Lower numbers indicate acidity and higher numbers indicate increasing basicity.
The time it takes for material to spread from one area to another. (2 words, no spaces)
Marine species that travel toward the surface of the ocean to feed. (2 words, no spaces)
Organism that produce light
The field of science that concentrates on relationships between organisms and their environment.
A mixture of two substances
A dissolved substance
A natural process by which an atom of radioactive isotopes spontaneously decays into another element. (2 words, no spaces)
A measure of how damp air is
Total mass of all living matter within a given area.
The state of a substance when its particles are combines together but have not been dissolved in a fluid or solid.
Matter that is derived from living or formally living organisms. (2 words, no spaces)
A living thing, either plant or animal.
Related to the structure of an organism.