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ACT Science Vocabulary #7

A plant eating organism.
Single-celled organisms.
A green pigment produced in response to sunlight during photosynthesis.
An organism or microscopic or very small size.
A soft waxy compound found in the body and the food we eat.
Sugars and starches that serve as a major energy source for animals.
The production of a chemical compound within the body.
A living thing, either plant or animal.
An oily or waxy organic compound that cannot be dissolved in water.
Organic compounds that link together to form proteins. (2 words, no space)
A compound that consist or amino acids and plays various structural, mechanical, and nutritional roles within organisms.
The process by which plants turn carbon dioxide and water into energy with the aid of sunlight.
The protective behavior that is displayed when an animal is defending its area.
Native to or naturally existing in a certain area.
Total mass of all living matter within a given area.