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Science Chapter 11 review

The scale tornadoes are measured with.
Lava inside the earth
The tallest of the volcanoes, as in Mount Fuji
The scale earthquakes are measured with.
The type of earthquake wave that causes the most damage
The type of cloud that produces heavy rain
Severe weather defined as a rapidly rotating column of air
Besides temperature, this is needed for a hurricane to grow
Magma travels up this on its way to leave the volcano
This type of volcano form the Hawaiian islands
The type of seismic wave detected first during an earthquake
The point on the Earth's surface where an earthquake is centered
The part trees and leaves play in the fire triangle
Temperature needed for a hurricane to grow
Location under the Earth's surface where an earthquake actually occurs
This part of the fire triangle could be a match or a lighter
Type of volcano that has a steep hill made from pyroclastic material
Large wall of water that comes ashore has a hurricane reaches land
The center of a hurricane
The part of a volcano that the magma comes out of
Severe weather that occurs when multiple thunderstorms merge together and rotate around one another
The chemical part of the fire triangle
Number of seismograph stations needed to find the epicenter