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Life Science chapter 12

Simple and immediate responses that are innate behaviors
A haploid sperm unites with a haploid egg to form a ____ zygote
Innate behaviors that are complex and occur over a longer period of time
During this stage of extreme metamorphosis, the bodies of invertebrates radically transform. This stage is considered a resting stage.
Animal behaviors can be classified as learned or ___
Behaviors an animal acquires by watching other animals or by trial and error
Some animals go through this change in form later in life
Structure that connects the embryo to the mother and provides nourishment
Behaviors animals are born with
The willingness to attack over food sources, potential mates, or areas to raise their young
Mammals that hold their embryos in a structure called the _____
Area an animal claims as its own
The problem with exoskeletons is that they are ___ and cannot grow larger.
An example of instinct is when animals make seasonal long-distance trips called ____
When an offspring learns by mimicking its parents
Sound, sight, touch, and chemicals are common forms of animal _____
Most animals reproduce by ____ reproduction
Innate behavior happens _____
Some animals maintain this by acting aggressively toward others
Gamete the female animal produces