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Civil War Crossword

Anna Burkett: Anna Burkett
Union president during the civil war
a political party against the spread of slavery in the west
Offers Southerners amnesty or official pardon for all illegal acts supporting the rebellion
special tax people had to pay before they could vote
favoring the interests of one section or region over the entire country
midwesterners that sympathized with the South and abolition
an effort to cut off all supplies to the south
an agency providing relief for freed people and certain poor people in the south
sharing the crop. landowners provided the land, tools, and supplies and sharecroppers provided the labor
states that were wedged in between the North and South that were slave sates and did not secede from the Union
states that seceded from the union
13th amendment
the freeing of slaves
ships heavily armed with iron
a speech dedicated to all of the dead unclaimed soldiers
giving the political power to the people
the idea that Great Britain would support the Confederacy because it needed the South's raw cotton to supply its booming textile industry
destroying civilian and economic resources
formally withdraw from the union