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McKellar History 2

Head carpenter for building McKellar United Church
A way for farmers to survive the winters
Place for a rest and meal
Many a settler's log home suffered this
Shanty floors
One of the earliest "tools"
Robson was the first _____________ maker
Associated with Stroud family name
Breakfast staple
Initials of Historical Committee Chair
Operated Lona Lodge
First settler in McKellar
Played for King Billy on July 12
Provided meat for early settlers
Name of Women's Institute- __________ville
Coach of the Wildcats
Settlers used this for furs and food
Name of a Mckellar Laundramat
Indicates heritage of early Broadbent settlers
First Fire Chief
A skill that sent many items overseas during the world wars
There were once many in the township
Settlers wives made berries ____________ jams
Study of family history
Settlers came to McKellar for _________Land Grants
A sickle is an example of an agricultural ____________
Often stored in sawdust
Former initials of McKellar's museum
Who should learn about McKellar Township History
Tower used to store grain for animals
The township had _______________ Gardens during WW2
WW2 Battleship was made from this McKellar staple
Essential tools of the pioneers
Pronounced like a Fall Fair favourite