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Cell Organelles

Membrane-bound control center where DNA is stored for eukaryotes. Prokayotic cells do not have this organelle so DNA is loose prokaryotes.
Any living thing that can carry out life processes by itself (pg 134)
Makes proteins
A protective sack that surrounds the nucleus
In plants, this organelle often takes up half of the cell. This organelle is much smaller in animal cells.
This word means "to maintain a constant internal state in a changing environment" (pg 150)
Basic building block of tissue (pg 135)
Uses sunlight energy to make food for plants
Arrangement of parts in an organism (pg 138)
Breaks down glucose (sugar) into energy
Process by which plants, algae and some bacteria make their own food (pg 152)
This word defines "vesicle."
Digests old cell parts; breaks down large food molecules
Outer layer found in plant and animal cells
Activity of each part; its purpose.
Made of cellulose; found in plants only; provides support; allows water, oxygen and carbon dioxide to pass in and out of the plant cell
Process by which cells use oxygen to produce energy from food; this process produces carbon dioxide as a byproduct (pg 152)
A group of 2 or more organs wording together to perform a body function. (pg 137)
Jellylike (thick) material all organelles float in
Made up of 2 or more tissues; has a specific function in the body (pg 136)